Parents Guide to Supporting SATS

The 2018 Y6 SATS will be done during the week beginning Monday 14th May. Below is the timetable for the week.
Monday 14th May English grammar, punctuation and spelling (1 hour)
Tuesday 15th May English Reading (1 hour)
Wednesday 16th May Mathematics Paper 1 Arithemtic (30 mins) Paper 2 Reasoning (40 mins)
Thursday 17th May Mathematics Paper 3 Reasoning (40 mins)
Science-Not all children take the Science SATs papers. However, a number of schools will be required to take part in science sampling: a test administered to a selected sample of children thought to be representative of the population as a whole. For those who are selected, there will be three papers:
  • Biology: 25 minutes, 22 marks
  • Chemistry: 25 minutes, 22 marks
  • Physics: 25 minutes, 22 marks
If you would like further information regarding the content of the SATs papers or how to support your child, you may find the following links useful.
Below, you will also find a glossary of all the grammar and punctuation terms used in the English curriculum. It is a useful document as it gives both definitions and examples to help illustrate and clarify each term.
If you would like to discuss the KS2 SATs further, please do not hesitate to contact the school.